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The pioneers of Brothahood Productions came together in their freshman year of college in the fall of 2008. Stephen Christopher Norwood (Jerry Rescue), Adrian Elim (Elim), Derrell Jackson (Dave Hamilton), and Jeffrey Bordeaux Jr established an unbreakable bond throughout their college years. They dreamed of one day using their natural talents, combined with their education, to successfully “take over the world”. As time went on each of them were able to hone their unique skills through a series of unforgettable experiences, hard-learned lessons, and endless shenanigans. From that point it was apparent that the group was well on their way to achieving their collective ideal of success.


Throughout their journey these young men were aware they would be tested in a multitude of ways, but no test became greater than that of losing one of their founding members. On January 15th, 2011 Jeffery Brent Bordeaux Jr was called home. This emotionally challenging period did more than showcase the legacy of their fallen family member but it also cemented their bond of the Brothahood forever.


As the three young men continued to work through their grief and grow as a unit, they came across the work of a local photographer, Seandell Boose (Southtown). As the youngest member of the group, Seandell wasted no time in taking advantage of all the knowledge the other members possessed. As he began to further his personal bond with the group, it was inevitable that he would become an integral part of the larger Brothahood Movement.


Over the next few years the four young men, having now entered adulthood, began to identify some of the systematic symptoms that plagued their community. They came to realize that with their combined talents, they could develop a resource that would help to provide an alternative, more positive source of audiovisual media. In early 2014 Dave, Elim, Jerry, and Southtown created Brothahood Productions in an ongoing effort to uplift the social conscious of their brothers and sisters.

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